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Inspiration by Maga Kashala — Posted in on April 21, 2019

My name is Marthe Ngandu ,I am Congolese and since very young I love to draw. Before I found myself here, I've been looking for my true passion for a long time ... I did a bachelor's degree in Finance, although my career has always been more in marketing and customer service. Through all that, I always felt that I was missing something. So in 2015, I went back to drawing. I never went to school for Art but my love for pencils and brushes pushed me every day to improve. It is 2 years now that I started to exhibit my art and offering my services to the public and I think that finally I have found my passion ... Thank you for giving me the opportunity to exhibit my art and to share my little experience in the field. I am learning every day with all the tools at my disposal and I am sure that with the help of God and all of you, I will be able to do great things with this gift.


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